Veni is a Ankara based company which serves to foreigners in Turkey and Turkish citizens abroad.

Ankara, the capital and the second largest city of Turkey, hosts 125 Embassies, 20 International Organization Offices and many foreign company representatives and a large number of foreign students. Veni provide quick and easy accessing to services in best quality, especially renting and purchasing house, needed by these institutions, organisations, foreign personnels of companies and students.

Veni also assists Turkish citizens in smoothly accessing to services they need during their stay abroad.

If our customers wish, they can stay in fully equipped apartments in which a lot of services are offered in the process of renting and buying house. Upon their first arrival in Ankara, we also provide transportation service to our customers from Ankara Esenboğa Airport to their place of stay.

For the service you need, you can contact us via info@veniturkey.com